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About Us

Oxford Community Work Agency (OCWA) - Formerly known as the 'Barton Project'

OCWA is made up of two departments, Oxfordshire Welfare Rights and the Barton Advice Centre. We are based in the centre of Barton, which is in the top 20% of areas of deprivation nationally.

We are experts in social security law and provide specialist advice, casework and representation in welfare benefits.

We also provide a specialist debt service which has an authorised intermediary for Debt Relief orders. We give generalist advice in consumer, family law, housing and employment. For more in-depth advice in these areas we may refer or signpost to more specialist agencies.

Oxfordshire Welfare Rights

Oxfordshire Welfare Rights (OWR) was originally formed in 1984 to provide a second tier countywide welfare rights service. We are experts in social security law and have significant experience in welfare benefits casework and representation at Tribunal. Clients can access this service through referral from another advice or support agency. Over the last 10 years OWR has generated an average income of £2.7 million per year for Oxfordshire residents.

OWR provides training nationally and telephone consultancy for other advice and support organisations throughout Oxfordshire. The principal funders of OWR and BAC are Oxford City Council. We are delighted that Oxford City continue to core fund this service.


Barton Advice Centre

In 1987 The Barton Advice Centre (BAC) was set up after it became clear that an advice centre was needed to serve the community.


 We can advise on debt, benefits, housing, family matters and community care. We may refer you to more appropriate services if needed. 


As well as our benefits specialists we also have a specialist debt team who are able to assist with Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy.


Advice can be given on our telephone advice line to all Oxford City residents.


For Telephone Advice

All Oxford City residents

All Oxford City residents can contact us for telephone advice on 01865 744165 
Monday to Friday  9am - 5pm

Residents outside of Oxford City

Residents outside of Oxford City requiring advice should contact the Oxfordshire Specialist Advice Service on 01865 410660

Oxfordshire Welfare Rights

Our Consultancy Telephone Service (for agencies only) is available:
Tuesday 10am - 1pm
Wednesday 10am - 1pm
Thursday 10am - 1pm

Barton Neighbourhood Centre
Underhill Circus

01865 744165

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Working Together

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